Pokemon Go Beginner Guide

Pokemon GO is a famous cell sport that makes use of augmented reality (AR) to permit players seize and have interaction with virtual creatures called Pokemon inside the actual world. The recreation became advanced through Niantic, a enterprise that focuses on AR generation, in collaboration with Nintendo and The Pokemon Company. Pokemon GO turned into released in 2016 and became a worldwide phenomenon, attracting tens of millions of players of every age and backgrounds.

Pokemon GO is greater than only a sport. It is likewise a social and cultural phenomenon that encourages human beings to explore their environment, meet new humans, and learn about specific places and cultures. The recreation has also inspired many events, sports, and projects that sell physical pastime, environmental cognizance, and community engagement.

Pokemon Go Beginner Guide

Some examples are:

– Party Play: A new characteristic that allows gamers to enroll in their pals in a shared in-sport revel in, in which they could complete challenges and feature fun together.

– GO Battle League: An online mode in which players can compete with different gamers from round the world and earn rewards and rankings.

– City Safari: A series of occasions that commemorate the variety and splendor of different towns, where players can revel in distinctive content material and sports.

– Festival of Lights: A special event that honors the Indian way of life of Diwali, where players can come across and capture a new Pokemon, Tadbulb, that emits a brilliant light.

– Día de Muertos: A cultural occasion that commemorates the Mexican holiday of the Day of the Dead, in which players can see Cubone and Marowak wearing cempasúchil crowns, a image of remembrance and recognize.


Pokemon GO is a game that connects humans with each different and with the sector. It is a sport that celebrates the joy of discovery, the surprise of nature, and the spirit of adventure. It is a sport that invitations you to stand up and move!

Here a few activities in Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go is a famous cell game that lets you capture, teach, and war with virtual creatures referred to as Pokemon. If you’re new to the sport, you might be thinking what are some of the matters you could do in Pokemon Go. Here are 100 things to do in Pokemon Go for novices:


  • Create your account and customise your avatar.
  • Choose your starter Pokemon from Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, or Pikachu.
  • Catch more Pokemon through taking walks around and tapping on them once they appear on the map.
  • Use berries and curveballs to increase your possibilities of catching Pokemon.
  • Transfer replica Pokemon to Professor Willow for candy and stardust, which you could use to strength up and evolve your Pokemon.
  • Hatch eggs by means of placing them in incubators and taking walks a certain distance.
  • Spin PokeStops to get items like Poke Balls, potions, revives, and more.
  • Complete studies duties to earn rewards and come across uncommon Pokemon.
  • Join a team (Instinct, Mystic, or Valor) while you attain degree 5.
  • Battle other running shoes in gyms and raids to earn XP, coins, and items.
  • Use coins to shop for top rate gadgets like incubators, fortunate eggs, raid passes, and greater from the store.
  • Trade Pokemon together with your buddies to get candy and a hazard of having lucky Pokemon, which have better stats and price much less stardust to energy up.
  • Add buddies and send them gifts to growth your friendship degree and get bonuses in battles and trades.
  • Join a network day occasion to capture a featured Pokemon with a special circulate and get other bonuses like elevated XP, stardust, and sweet.
  • Catch a mythical Pokemon with the aid of taking part in a raid with different running shoes.
  • Catch a mythical Pokemon by means of completing a unique studies quest.
  • Catch a shiny Pokemon, which have a special shade and are very rare.
  • Catch a regional Pokemon, which might be simplest to be had in positive parts of the sector.
  • Catch a shadow Pokemon, which can be corrupted via Team GO Rocket and need to be purified.
  • Catch a dressing up Pokemon, that are sporting outfits or accessories for special occasions.
  • Catch a mega Pokemon, that are quickly evolved types of a few Pokemon that have boosted stats and capabilities.
  • Catch a ditto, that may transform into any Pokemon it encounters.
  • Catch a spinda, which has a exceptional pattern on its face each month.
  • Catch a unown, which has 28 distinctive forms based totally on the letters of the alphabet and two punctuation marks.
  • Catch a smeargle, that may copy the actions of any Pokemon it sees in a snapshot.
  • Catch all of the Pokemon to your Pokedex, which is a set of all of the Pokemon you have got seen or caught.
  • Evolve your Pokemon to get new forms and abilties.
  • Power up your Pokemon to increase their CP and HP.
  • Use TMs to trade the actions of your Pokemon.
  • Use evolution items like solar stone, king’s rock, steel coat, dragon scale, and upgrade to conform positive Pokemon.
  • Use sinnoh stone, unova stone, and kalos stone to conform Pokemon from previous generations.
  • Use mega strength to mega evolve your Pokemon for a restricted time.
  • Use XL candy to electricity up your Pokemon beyond level forty.
  • Appraise your Pokemon to peer their IVs, which can be hidden values that affect their stats.
  • Rename your Pokemon to provide them a personal contact.
  • Favorite your Pokemon to prevent them from being transferred accidentally.
  • Sort and clear out your Pokemon to locate those you want without difficulty.
  • Create war events to keep your selected Pokemon for specific modes.
  • Take snapshots of your Pokemon to seize memorable moments and share them along with your buddies.
  • Play along with your buddy Pokemon to boom your bond and get perks like locating items, helping in battles, and greater.
  • Feed your buddy Pokemon berries to fill their hunger meter and make them happy.
  • Earn hearts along with your pal Pokemon with the aid of doing diverse sports like taking walks, playing, fighting, and extra.
  • Increase your friend level along with your pal Pokemon to liberate new advantages like catching assist, souvenir, discover area, and great buddy ribbon.
  • Swap your pal Pokemon up to 20 times in line with day to bond with unique Pokemon.
  • Earn pal sweet by taking walks along with your pal Pokemon, that’s based totally on their distance requirement.
  • Dress up your buddy Pokemon with add-ons like hats, glasses, scarves, and greater.
  • Join the buddy mission to complete responsibilities with your pal Pokemon and earn rewards.
  • Explore the map and visit exclusive locations like parks, monuments, museums, and extra.
  • Use incense to attract more Pokemon for your place for an hour.
  • Use entice modules to attract greater Pokemon to a PokeStop for half-hour.
  • Use unique entice modules like glacial, magnetic, and mossy to draw particular styles of Pokemon and allow positive evolutions.
  • Use wet lure module to draw water, electric, and worm Pokemon and permit positive evolutions.
  • Use rocket radar to locate and struggle Team GO Rocket leaders, who’ve stronger shadow Pokemon and drop uncommon objects.
  • Use brilliant rocket radar to locate and struggle Giovanni, the boss of Team GO Rocket, who has a legendary shadow Pokemon.
  • Use thriller container to attract and seize meltan, an extraordinary metallic-type Pokemon that can evolve into melmetal.
  • Earn medals via finishing various achievements in the game.
  • Level up your trainer by means of gaining XP from diverse sports in the sport.
  • Reach level forty to unlock the legacy 40 medal and different rewards.
  • Reach stage 50 to come to be a master teacher and get special objects and features.
  • Complete area studies tasks via spinning PokeStops and get a stamp for each day you achieve this.
  • Collect seven stamps to get a research step forward, which offers you a risk to encounter a unique Pokemon and other rewards.
  • Complete special studies duties by way of following a story-based totally quest and get a danger to stumble upon a legendary Pokemon and other rewards.
  • Complete timed studies obligations by using completing a hard and fast of responsibilities inside a constrained time and get numerous rewards.
  • Battle different running shoes in the Go Battle League, a aggressive mode that ranks you based totally for your performance.
  • Choose a league (Great, Ultra, or Master) that suits your Pokemon’s CP range and warfare different running shoes in a satisfactory-of-three in shape.
  • Use protect shields to dam incoming attacks out of your opponent, but you can most effective use two in keeping with conflict.
  • Use price assaults to deal more damage to your opponent, but you need to tap the display to fee them up first.
  • Use speedy assaults to refill your charge meter and deal damage on your opponent.
  • Switch your Pokemon all through war to advantage an advantage over your opponent, but you have to watch for a cooldown earlier than you could switch once more.
  • Win battles to earn rewards like stardust, items, and a risk to come across a rare Pokemon.
  • Increase your rank by using prevailing battles and get better rewards and reputation.
  • Reach rank 20 to unencumber the legendary Pokemon come upon praise.
  • Reach rank 24 to release the ace rank medal and pose.
  • Reach rank 10 to unlock the legend rank medal and pose.
  • Complete the season rewards to get extra rewards primarily based on your rank and score.
  • Battle different trainers remotely by way of scanning their QR code or the usage of a battle code.
  • Battle your friends by using tapping on their avatar to your friend list and tough them to a pleasant match.
  • Battle your group leader by using tapping on their avatar inside the close by menu and deciding on a issue degree.
  • Battle in a gymnasium by using tapping on a gymnasium this is controlled by means of a rival team and deciding on your Pokemon.
  • Defeat all the Pokemon within the gym to lower its motivation and prestige.
  • Take over the gym by way of defeating all of the Pokemon and setting one in every of your own.
  • Defend the gym by feeding berries in your Pokemon and your teammates’ Pokemon to repair their motivation and prestige.
  • Earn cash via protecting the fitness center for up to 50 cash in step with day.
  • Earn gym badges by way of interacting with gyms and get bonus items when you spin them.
  • Battle in a raid by tapping on a gymnasium that has a raid egg or a raid boss on pinnacle of it and becoming a member of a lobby with up to 20 running shoes.
  • Defeat the raid boss within the time restriction to get a chance to catch it and different rewards.
  • Use a raid skip to sign up for a raid, which you may get one totally free in line with day via spinning a gymnasium or buy greater from the store.
  • Use a far flung raid skip to enroll in a raid from everywhere, which you could buy from the shop.
  • Use a top rate raid bypass to sign up for a raid and get better rewards, which you could purchase from the shop or get from special activities.
  • Invite your pals to join a raid via tapping on the invite button and deciding on up to 5 pals from your buddy listing.
  • Join a raid invitation via tapping at the notification or the close by menu and entering the lobby.
  • Use a non-public organization code to sign up for a raid with a particular organization of running shoes, which you may create or input by means of tapping at the institution code icon.
  • Battle a mega raid boss to get a danger to capture it and mega power, which you can use to mega evolve your Pokemon.
  • Earn mega energy by way of combating and catching the equal species of Pokemon as your mega advanced Pokemon.
  • Join an distinct raid by way of getting an EX raid skip, which you can get by using struggling with in sure gyms which have the EX raid tag.
  • Battle an unique raid boss to get a hazard to capture an extraordinary legendary Pokemon like mewtwo or deoxys.
  • Join a spotlight hour occasion to encounter more of a certain Pokemon.


Pokemon GO is more than only a game. It is a phenomenon that has modified the manner people interact with the arena and each other. By catching, schooling, and combating with virtual creatures, gamers can explore new places, make new friends, and learn new matters. Pokemon GO also encourages bodily interest, social interplay, and cultural variety. Whether you’re a novice or a veteran, there is always some thing new and thrilling to do in Pokemon GO. So grasp your phone, placed on your footwear, and cross catch ’em all!

Pokemon Go Beginner Guide


Pokemon Go is a mobile game that helps you to capture, train, and conflict with virtual creatures called Pokemon. Here are a few regularly asked questions (FAQ) about Pokemon Go:

– Q: How do I trap Pokemon?

– A: You can catch Pokemon by using walking round and tapping on them once they seem on the map. You can use berries and curveballs to increase your probabilities of catching them. You also can use specific kinds of Poke Balls, which include Great Balls, Ultra Balls, and Premier Balls, to enhance your capture fee.

– Q: How do I evolve and energy up Pokemon?

– A: You can evolve and power up Pokemon through the usage of sweet and stardust, which you could get via catching, shifting, and hatching Pokemon. You can also use unique gadgets, inclusive of evolution stones and mega strength, to adapt positive Pokemon. To evolve or electricity up a Pokemon, faucet on it to your Pokemon storage and choose the choice you need.

– Q: How do I war other trainers and Pokemon?

– A: You can conflict other running shoes and Pokemon in numerous modes, which include gyms, raids, and Go Battle League. To conflict in a gymnasium or a raid, faucet on a gymnasium this is managed by using a rival group or has a raid boss on top of it and join a lobby with different running shoes. To conflict within the Go Battle League, faucet on the warfare icon on the primary display screen and select a league that suits your Pokemon’s CP range. You can also warfare your pals and team leaders by way of tapping on their avatars in the nearby menu or your friend list.

– Q: How do I change and present Pokemon with my pals?

– A: You can exchange and present Pokemon together with your buddies by using including them in your pal listing and increasing your friendship level. To alternate a Pokemon, tap on a pal’s avatar on your buddy listing and pick the trade alternative. You can trade any Pokemon except for mythical Pokemon, however a few Pokemon require extra stardust and friendship stage to change. To gift a Pokemon, tap on a pal’s avatar for your buddy listing and select the ship gift option. You can send gifts that incorporate gadgets and stickers for your friends as soon as according to day.

– Q: How do I get extra objects and cash in the sport?

– A: You can get extra items and cash in the game via spinning PokeStops, completing studies tasks, battling in gyms and raids, and leveling up your teacher. You can also buy gadgets and coins from the shop using actual money.


– Q: How do I get assist or file a problem in the game?

– A: You can get assist or file a trouble in the game by way of tapping at the settings icon on the main screen and selecting the help or report a trouble alternative. You also can go to the legit Pokemon Go website or the Niantic support middle for more statistics and assets.

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