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Aavesham is an upcoming Indian crime drama film written and directed by Jithu Madhavan. The film follows the story of three teenagers who travel to Bangalore to pursue their engineering degrees, but find themselves embroiled in a violent confrontation with senior students on campus.

Faced with the threat of further attacks from the hostile seniors, the three young protagonists seek out the help of a local gangster named Ranga. With Ranga’s support, the teens devise a plan to take revenge on their tormentors and restore a sense of safety and security on their college campus.

The film stars acclaimed actor Fahadh Faasil alongside newcomers Sajin Gopu and Hipzster in the lead roles. Fahadh Faasil is known for his versatile and intense performances in acclaimed Malayalam films like “Kumbalangi Nights”, “Super Deluxe”, and “Malik”.

Aavesham promises to be a gritty, hard-hitting crime drama that explores themes of power dynamics, violence, and the challenges faced by young people navigating the complexities of college life in a big city. With its talented cast, gripping storyline, and the experienced directorial hand of Jithu Madhavan, the film is poised to be a standout release in the Malayalam cinema landscape.


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Aavesham 2024 South Hindi Dubbed Movie Release Date, Cast, Crew, IMDb rating, Genres, Tagline and Other Details

Release Date11-April-2024
DirectorJithu Madhavan
WriterJithu Madhavan
IMDb Rating8.3/10
ProducersNazriya Nazim, Anwar Rasheed
Production CompaniesAnwar Rasheed Entertainments, Fahadh Faasil and Friends
GenresAction, Comedy
Cast and CharactersFahadh Faasil as Ranga, Ashish Vidyarthi, Hipzster, Mansoor Ali Khan as Reddy, Sajin Gopu as Amban, Mithun Jai Shankar as Bibi, Roshan Shanavas as Shanthan, Midhutty as Kutty
CinematographySameer Thahir
MusicSushin Shyam
Edited byVivek Harshan


Aavesham 2024 South Hindi Dubbed Movie Storyline/Plot

The story revolves around Ranga, a charismatic and streetwise local gangster in Bangalore, who finds himself entangled with a group of three mischievous engineering students – Amban, Bibi, and Shanthan.

Amban, Bibi, and Shanthan are three young, free-spirited teenagers who have just arrived in the bustling city of Bangalore to pursue their college degrees. Eager to experience the excitement and freedom of city life, the trio soon find themselves at odds with a group of senior students led by the arrogant and manipulative Reddy.

Reddy, the privileged son of a powerful politician named Mansoor Ali Khan Reddy, takes pleasure in bullying and harassing the younger students, using his influence and connections to intimidate them. When Amban, Bibi, and Shanthan become the targets of Reddy’s vicious attacks, they decide to seek out the help of the notorious gangster, Ranga.

Intrigued by the students’ pluck and spirit, Ranga agrees to assist them in getting revenge on Reddy and his cronies. Using his extensive criminal connections and street smarts, Ranga devises a series of elaborate and increasingly outrageous schemes to humiliate and undermine the senior students.

From staging daring pranks to orchestrating chaotic stunts, Ranga, Amban, Bibi, and Shanthan find themselves embroiled in one hilarious misadventure after another as they attempt to outsmart Reddy and his powerful father.

However, as the students’ antics escalate, Mansoor Ali Khan Reddy becomes aware of Ranga’s involvement and sets out to crush them with the full force of his political and financial influence. What follows is a high-stakes game of cat and mouse, with Ranga, Amban, Bibi, and Shanthan using their wits and resourcefulness to stay one step ahead of their formidable adversaries.

The film features a talented ensemble cast, led by the versatile Fahadh Faasil as the charismatic and cunning Ranga. Joining him are Ashish Vidyarthi as the ruthless Mansoor Ali Khan Reddy, Hipzster, Sajin Gopu, Mithun Jai Shankar, Roshan Shanavas, and Midhutty in supporting roles.

Aavesham blends thrilling action sequences with uproarious comedy, creating a dynamic and entertaining cinematic experience. The film explores themes of power, rebellion, and the enduring spirit of youth, all set against the vibrant and diverse backdrop of Bangalore’s urban landscape.

With its irresistible mixture of high-octane excitement and hilarious hijinks, Aavesham promises to be a must-see addition to the Malayalam cinema landscape, captivating audiences with its engaging story, memorable characters, and electrifying on-screen performances.

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