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Warzone in Call of Duty Reduces Massive Resurrection The number of players and their ire :

The latest Call of Duty Warzone update has recently dropped, brought several new things for players, and got fans hyped. The game is bringing back the fan-favorite Fortune’s Keep and Rebirth Island maps, and The Haunting event started on October 17 with new limited-time maps and modes.


However, an update did not quite resonate with players, despite everything else added to the game. Call of Duty Warzone has adjusted the player count for Massive Resurgence mode, and it has upset the players, resulting in them slamming the developers for this controversial change.

The battle royale game has been swamped with new weapons, maps, and modes with The Haunting event, bringing a lot of excitement for players, but some changes didn’t go very well. The developers took to the official Call of Duty Updates X/Twitter account on October 18 and revealed that the player count for Massive Resurgence mode has been decreased from 150 to 100.

Warzone 2 devs lowered Massive Resurgence player count due to The Haunting event

This update shocked the fans and angered some, as when The Haunting patch notes dropped on October 17, the developers had mentioned nothing of this sort. The replies to the official tweet saw players complaining and asking developers to explain the reason behind the player number reduction, and hardly any players supported this move.

FaZe Swagg, the popular Call of Duty Warzone player and streamer who has been pushing for increased player count in the game, responded to this update, saying, “The biggest L. yall hate fun i stg.” Another streamer and player mentioned that this seems to be a response to performance issues and stated that Warzone‘s servers can’t handle more than 100 players without terrible performance.

call of duty Massive Resurgence PC game
Call of Duty Massive Resurgence PC game

Developers reduced Warzone 2 Massive Resurgence lobby size to provide more breathing room

Although the developers clarified that this change is only during The Haunting and will only apply to night maps, players have continued to express their displeasure and anger, speculating about the future of Warzone. It is unclear what the motive of the developers behind this was, and while players think this is to improve performance, the change is limited to The Haunting, which raises questions.

This reduction of player count will create ample space for all players to enjoy the Battle Royale while trying to secure boss fights to claim The Haunting event rewards.

Considering that the Halloween-themed event is only here for a few days, this quick action from the developer side was impressive as it greatly benefits the entire community. This update can potentially act as another incentive for casual players to take part in the ongoing event and rake in as many rewards as possible by completing boss eliminations and Soul Capture challenges.

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