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Dukaan: A Heartfelt Journey of Surrogacy is an emotionally gripping film that explores the powerful story of a young woman who becomes a surrogate mother, providing hope and relief to couples struggling with infertility. Directed by the talented duo Siddharth Singh and Garima Wahal, who also serve as the film’s writers, “Dukaan” promises to be a poignant and thought-provoking cinematic experience.

At the heart of the film is Monika Panwar, a versatile actress who takes on the lead role. Panwar’s character navigates the complex and often-misunderstood world of surrogacy, bringing depth and authenticity to her portrayal of a woman who undertakes this selfless journey. Alongside her, Sikandar Kher and Insane Ashraf deliver powerful performances, adding layers of emotion and nuance to the narrative.

Through the lens of Dukaan Singh and Wahal delve into the deeply personal and transformative experience of surrogacy, shedding light on the challenges, sacrifices, and the profound impact it can have on all those involved. The film aims to foster a greater understanding and empathy towards the surrogacy process, breaking down societal stigmas and misconceptions.

With its talented cast, compelling storytelling, and the directors’ keen eye for emotional resonance, Dukaan: A Heartfelt Journey of Surrogacy promises to be a cinematic experience that will touch the hearts of audiences, leaving a lasting impression and promoting a deeper appreciation for the resilience and compassion of the human spirit.

Story Dukaan Movie Review


Dukaan Hindi Movie Release Date, Cast, Crew, IMDb rating, Genres, Tagline, Language and Other Details


Movie NameDukaan: A Heartfelt Journey of Surrogacy 2024
Release DateApril 5, 2024 (India)
IMDb Rating9.0/10
Runtime2 hours 2 minutes
TaglineA girl who becomes a surrogate mother, becoming the relief for couples with issues.
LanguageHindi, English, Gujarati
DirectorSiddharth Singh, Garima Wahal
WritersSiddharth Singh, Garima Wahal
Cast– Monika Panwar (Jasmine)
– Sikandar Kher (Sumer)
– Insane Ashraf
– Vrajesh Hirjee (Pramod Trivedi)
– Soham Majumdar (Armaan)
– Monali Thakur (Diya)
– Azhar J Malik (Jamaal)
– Shreya Sharma (Hridansh Parekh)
– Anannya Vaidya (Bilal Özel Sahip)
– Romanch Soni (Kishan)


Dukaan: A Heartfelt Journey of Surrogacy 2024 Movie in Hindi Storyline/Plot

The story begins with Saira (Monika Panwar), a young woman from a humble background, struggling to make ends meet. Saira’s family is facing financial difficulties, and she feels the burden of being the sole breadwinner. One day, while visiting a local clinic, Saira learns about the opportunity of becoming a surrogate mother.

Initially, Saira is hesitant about the idea, aware of the societal stigma and potential emotional toll it may take. However, her desire to help others and provide a better life for her family drives her to consider the surrogacy. After much deliberation, Saira decides to take the leap and become a surrogate mother.

Through a surrogacy agency, Saira is connected with Nisha and Rahul (Insane Ashraf and Sikandar Kher), a loving couple who have been trying to have a child for years but have been unable to conceive due to Nisha’s medical condition. Saira meets with Nisha and Rahul, and the three form a tentative bond as they navigate the complexities of the surrogacy process.

As Saira undergoes the necessary medical procedures and preparations, she faces opposition from her own family, who are initially skeptical and disapproving of her decision. Saira’s mother, in particular, struggles to understand and accept her daughter’s choice, fearing the social stigma and potential emotional turmoil.

Despite the challenges, Saira remains steadfast in her commitment, and the relationship between her, Nisha, and Rahul begins to deepen. Nisha and Rahul, filled with hope and gratitude, provide Saira with emotional support and ensure her well-being throughout the surrogacy journey.

As Saira’s pregnancy progresses, she faces physical and emotional obstacles. The process takes a toll on her, both physically and mentally, as she grapples with the sacrifices she is making. Nisha and Rahul, on the other hand, experience their own anxieties and fears, worried about the well-being of the child and the potential complications that may arise.

Through it all, the bond between Saira, Nisha, and Rahul strengthens, and they learn to navigate the complex web of emotions, ethical considerations, and legal implications of surrogacy. The film explores the profound transformation that takes place within each character, as they confront their own biases, fears, and the societal stigma surrounding surrogacy.

Ultimately, the story culminates in the birth of the child, a moment of overwhelming joy and relief for Nisha and Rahul, as well as a bittersweet experience for Saira, who must now come to terms with the separation from the child she carried. The film delves into the emotional aftermath, as Saira, Nisha, and Rahul grapple with the long-term implications of their shared journey.

Dukaan: A Heartfelt Journey of Surrogacy is a powerful and empathetic exploration of the surrogacy experience, shedding light on the sacrifices, struggles, and the profound bonds that can emerge from this extraordinary process. Through the lens of Saira, Nisha, and Rahul’s stories, the film invites the audience to challenge preconceptions, foster greater understanding, and celebrate the resilience of the human spirit.

Story Dukaan Movie Review Siddharth

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