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Inspector Rishi Horror Series (Amazon Original Series) A chilling supernatural crime thriller, Inspector Rishi Horror Series follows the investigations of skeptic crime branch officer Inspector Rishi Nandhan into a series of grisly and inexplicable murders in a remote mountain village. The deaths are rumored to be the work of the Vanaratchi, a malevolent forest spirit from local legend.

Despite his rational mindset, Inspector Nandhan finds himself drawn deeper into the darkest depths of the village’s ancient mysteries and folklore as the body count rises. Assisted by his two sub-inspectors Ayyanar and Chitra, he races against time to unravel the truth behind the killings before more victims fall prey to the unseen evil force.

As they confront spine-chilling paranormal occurrences that defy logical explanation, the investigators must grapple with their own beliefs and confront the possibility that supernatural entities may be at play. Can they overcome their doubts and skepticism to solve the case before the Vanaratchi strikes again?

Inspector Rishi Horror Series in Amazon Prime star cast


Naveen Chandra as Inspector Rishi Nandhan

Srikrishna Dayal as Sub-Inspector Ayyanar

Kanna Ravi as Sub-Inspector Chitra

This gripping Amazon Original Series blends crime procedural, horror, and supernatural elements into a haunting and atmospheric thriller set against the backdrop of a small village’s dark secrets and ancient lore. Prepare to be chilled to the bone!


Inspector Rishi Horror Series in Amazon Prime Release Date, Cast, Crew, IMDb rating and Other Details

TitleInspector Rishi
Release DateMarch 29, 2024
LanguageTamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi
GenresHorror, Mystery
IMDb Rating5.2/10
TaglineA spine-chilling adventure
CastNaveen Chandra as Inspector Rishi Nandhan, Sunainaa as Kathy, Srikrishna Dayal as Sathya, Kanna Ravi as Ayyanar, Malini Jeevarathnam as Chitra, Kumaravel as Irfan
CrewDirector: Nandini JS, Producers: Shukdev Lahiri, Production Company: Make Believe Productions
Filming LocationsDense forests in Talakona, Munnar (where the team climbed a mountain for two hours to reach the shooting location), Chennai (for part of the shoot)
Other DetailsThe series follows Inspector Rishi’s investigation into bizarre murders in a small mountain village, supposedly committed by a deadly forest spirit called the Vanaratchi. – The cast and crew worked tirelessly despite challenging weather conditions and leech-infested forests. – The series promises suspense and supernatural flair.



Inspector Rishi Horror Series in Amazon Prime Storyline/Plot


Deep within the ancient forests of Talakona, an insidious evil has awoken – the dreaded Vanaratchi, a vengeful forest spirit from ancient tribal lore. A spate of grisly ritualistic murders have rocked the once-peaceful mountain village, the victims’ mutilated bodies bearing markings and symbols that defy rational explanation.

Inspector Rishi Nandhan (Naveen Chandra), a pragmatic Chennai crime branch officer, is forced to confront his staunch skepticism when he is assigned by his superior Kathy (Sunainaa) to investigate the bizarre killings. Partnering with local sub-inspectors Sathya (Srikrishna Dayal) and Ayyanar (Kanna Ravi), both true believers in the supernatural, Rishi scoffs at their claims of the Vanaratchi’s involvement.

However, his staunch rationality is shaken to the core as the team experiences a series of bone-chilling, paranormal phenomena during their forest investigations – seems the Vanaratchi has taken umbrage at their trespassing. Rishi’s resolve is further tested when the autopsies reveal elements that forensics simply cannot explain.

Desperate for answers, Rishi turns to Chitra (Malini Jeevarathnam), a young researcher well-versed in tribal mythology, and her mentor Irfan (Kumaravel). What they unearth about the Vanaratchi’s deadly origins will make even the most hardened skeptic’s blood run cold.

As the death toll mounts and the villagers live in constant terror, Rishi finds himself caught in an ancient spiritual battle between light and darkness, good and evil. With his scientific worldview shattered, he must race against an ancient, primal force to not only stop the killings, but prevent an even greater catastrophe that could spell doom for all.

Filmed on location in the harsh, foreboding wilderness of Talakona, Munnar and Chennai, the cast and crew of Inspector Rishi endured arduous conditions – from treacherous terrain and leech-infested jungles to unpredictable weather. But their commitment shines through, delivering a supernatural horror experience that will fray even the most hardened nerves.

Under the deft direction of Nandini JS and production wizardry of Shukdev Lahiri’s Make-Believe Productions, Inspector Rishi Horror Series explores primordial fears, questions the limits of rationality, and will leave you terrified of what lurks in the shadows of the ancient forests. Suspend your disbelief and prepare to be consumed by the darkness of the Vanaratchi.

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