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Ranneeti: Balakot & Beyond is a gripping military drama series that takes viewers behind the scenes of India’s daring counterterrorism operations in the wake of the deadly Pulwama attacks. Led by the brilliant strategist Kashyap (Umar Sharif), an elite team of Indian forces races against time to strike back at the terrorist threat while also rescuing one of their captured pilots from enemy territory.

In this age of hybrid warfare, the battle extends far beyond the physical battlefield. Kashyap and his squad, including Iranian intelligence officer Elnaaz Norouzi and seasoned veteran Jimmy Shergill, must simultaneously combat Pakistan’s misinformation campaign in the global media arena. As they navigate the high-stakes world of covert ops and psychological warfare, loyalties will be tested and sacrifices will be made in service of protecting the nation.

With intense action sequences and compelling drama, Ranneeti: Balakot & Beyond provides a realistic portrayal of the complexities involved in modern military conflicts. Get ready to experience the courage, stratagem, and patriotism of India’s armed forces as they confront one of the most consequential challenges in recent history.

Cast of Ranneeti Balakot & Beyond 2024 series

Ranneeti: Balakot & Beyond JioCinema Series Release Date, Cast, IMDb rating, Tagline, Language, and Other Details


TitleRanneeti: Balakot & Beyond
Release DateApril 25, 2024
CastJimmy Shergill, Ashutosh Rana, Lara Dutta, Ashish Vidyarthi, Prasanna
IMDb Rating8.3/10
TaglinePost the deadly Pulwama attacks, Kashyap and his team strike back with a fitting reply. In the age of hybrid warfare, they must race against time to bring back their captured pilot while also battling Pakistan’s lies in global media
LanguageHindi, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil
Also Known AsRanneeti- Balakot & Beyond Web Series


Ranneeti: Balakot & Beyond JioCinema Series Storyline/Plot


The series follows an R&AW agent named Kashyap Sinha, played by Jimmy Shergill. Kashyap and his team strike back with a fitting reply after the Pulwama attacks. In the age of hybrid warfare, they must race against time to bring back their captured pilot while also battling Pakistan’s lies in global media.

The first episode reveals how the convoy carrying Indian soldiers was attacked by suicide bombers by members of group called Jaish-e-Mohammad. This is referred to as the ‘Operation high rise’. From the second episode, there is no dull moment as India is preparing for the most powerful airstrike and defence operation in retaliation of Pulwama attacks.

The series is a fictional drama that is an ode to all the unsung heroes who were the brains behind the operation and worked out of the war-room to organise and plan the details of the airstrikes. It’s a gripping tale of how the Indian Army along with the Air Force meticulously planned the airstrikes on Balakot.

Ranneeti Balakot & Beyond 2024 Action-Thriller 9 Part

The series is a 9-part web series with each episode focusing on different aspects of the war. The episodes are titled as follows:


  1. Drishtikon – War of Perspective: This episode introduces the viewers to the tactical landscape following a national tragedy, setting the stage for a narrative of retaliation.
  2. Yuktikon – War of Strategy: In this episode, an elite counter-terrorism unit is assembled, which also includes a spin doctor with a past connection to the unit. Their plan is to carry out a radical operation against the terrorists who caused the tragedy.
  3. Anubhootikon – War of Perception: The team begins strategizing the execution of a deadly air strike, aided by a deep-cover Indian spy within the terrorist camp who is risking his life to supply critical intelligence.
  4. Pratishodhikon – War of Retaliation: A humiliated enemy launches a counter-airstrike. While Indian jets chase away the intruder, a Wing Commander is taken P.O.W in the skirmish escalating tensions.
  5. Shaktikon – War of Power: Post the airstrikes, India and the enemy engage in a media war of narrative control. While the team members are on opposite ends regarding their approach; the Chief ponders on how to avoid an all-out war.
  6. Kathakon – War of Narrative: This episode focuses on the battle for public opinion and the strategic use of media as a weapon in modern conflict.
  7. Jhoothkon – War of Lies: The agents endeavour to bring back a captured pilot amid hybrid warfare and the enemy’s lies in global media while exposing the conniving neighbouring country.
  8. Rahasyakon – War of Secrets: Agents are caught in a deadly chase from the terrorist camp with sensitive intel which could incriminate the enemy at FATC. The team is racing against time to get them both to safety.
  9. Vaastavikatakon – War of Reality: At the FATC amongst global leaders, the team tries to pin down the enemy’s every move. Will they be able to expose their ties to terrorism and be a step ahead in this grey war.


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