How to view Instagram private Account

How private Instagram viewer works?

Making an Instagram profile private is an excellent way to protect your Instagram account. But, what if you want to see somebody else’s private Instagram profile? In that case, things can become tricky. One of the popular Instagram privacy features is its ability to make an account private. Making an Instagram account private takes only a few seconds and taps. The impact; however, can be significant. If an account is private, approved followers only can view videos/photos from the account. So, if you are following that account, all posts will show up normally. But if you are not following it, you will not be able to view the account’s posts at all.

Are you wondering what your family members or friends are doing on their private accounts on Instagram? Are you in search of ways to view their private Instagram profiles without even asking them? Don’t look further. We have you covered. Let’s find out the different ways in which you can see private profiles on Instagram instantly. But before we delve deep into how to view private Instagram profiles, let us find out the various reasons why people choose to view private Instagram profiles:

●      They want to check activities and photos of random Instagram private profiles.

●      They want to watch somebody’s videos or stories anonymously without making them know.

●      They want to check the activities or photos of individuals who blocked them on Instagram.

●      They wish to monitor their children’s activities on Instagram without them knowing.

●      They may wish to spy on competitors to stay up to date on their strategies on Instagram or learn Instagram tips that they can adopt.

●      They may be a writer or reporter who needs some information about any specific individual.

How to view Instagram private Account

Different Ways To View The Private Account

 There is just one legitimate way to view a private Instagram account and that is to become its subscriber. However, if someone did not accept your follower request or if you want to check someone’s private IG photos, stories, or profiles, without them knowing, here are the different ways to do the same.

Send Them A Follow Request

One of the simplest ways to see a private account on Instagram is by sending a follow request. If a user has set their profile to private. They need to approve your follow request before you start seeing their content. It is the best option to consider if you are familiar with the person. Even if you do not know the person, you may have a decent possibility of getting your request accepted if your IG profile looks authentic.

Most users will accept follow requests of genuine profiles. The possibilities of them accepting your request are more if the user likes and knows you. So: 

●      Make your Instagram profile public. Users wish to know who is subscribing to them.

●      Send the following request from your account if you know the person. This will make them understand instantly who wishes to subscribe.

●      Run an active Instagram account. A large number of following and followers results in the thinking that you developed your account and content. Users are mostly interested in active accounts like this which can help improve their engagement rate.

If your request went unaccepted, you can try to DM the user to draw their attention and get your IG following request accepted. Keep in mind, it is the only single way to “unlock” someone’s private Instagram account without getting into trouble.

Directly Ask The Person 

The safest and most reliable way to see someone’s private profile on Instagram is to directly ask them for access. It is a straightforward approach and does not have any repercussions or risks. You can explain why you want to see their profile, photos, and videos such as to stay updated on what is going on in their life or for any college project. You can send them a polite message. In most cases, the user will probably grant access since it is coming from somebody they know.

Instagram Private account viewer

Do A Google Search

Another method to check someone’s private Instagram account is to do a Google Search of the username they use and this will let you view the videos and photos of the private Instagram account. This method works best if your follow request has been rejected or you wish to anonymously view private Instagram accounts. Open the image search results.

You will see all the content that was posted earlier when the Instagram account was public. Videos and photos remain in search engines for some time even after turning to the private mode on Instagram. Google requires some time to examine the page, define the page as a private page, and remove its content from search engines. For stalkers, this is an ideal way to view someone’s private IG account as users cannot get to know that you are monitoring their private videos and photos.

Try Instagram Mod

 It is an unofficial application that offers you access to Instagram’s private accounts. It lets users enter their IG username and see the profiles of anyone they want with a few simple clicks. This app has many features like unfollowing and following users, viewing private images, sending direct messages, posting comments on profiles, and more. Moreover, it is a free app.

Create A Fake Account

Another popular method to view a private Instagram profile, video, or photos is to create a fake account. You can make an account on Instagram using a similar profile picture, bio, and name as somebody close to the individual whose content you wish to view.

Once you create the account, you can look for them and also send them a follow request. If the request gets accepted, you can see their content without them knowing that it is you. While creating a fake Instagram account, ensure to keep your account private. It will help keep you safe all through the process.

Ask A Friend

 You will often have a friend already following the one you want to follow. It will be great if you have a friend following the person. You can request them to let you take a look at that person’s account. You can even ask them to save and forward that person’s posts and stories to you.

Use A Third-Party Tool

Another great way to see private profiles is by using a third-party Instagram viewer tool. It is created to bypass the privacy setting on private Instagram accounts and let you view their content. While most of them are free, some may need you to pay fees to use them. It is also important to note that using such tools can get an account banned permanently or suspended temporarily. So, you should proceed with caution.

Though you can use third-party tools, you should be aware that they may involve risks. Choosing a dependable Private Instagram Viewer tool has become challenging. is the most genuine and the best private Instagram viewer app that works.

What Are Private Instagram Viewers?

Private Instagram Viewers are tools that let you view the content of private Instagram accounts. Private Instagram viewer apps are used to see content from a business or person you don’t aim to follow. They offer you access to private content that may not be accessible to you. They also help track different Instagram accounts and look for specific videos and posts. Moreover, they are excellent tools for those who want to research a specific subject or keep updated with the newest trends.

Things To Look For When Choosing Private Instagram Viewers

Deciding to get a private Instagram viewer is a good option. But, this does not mean you must settle for any viewer you come across. Not every private Instagram viewer is created equal. Here are some of the vital factors to look for when selecting the best Instagram viewer app:


A private Instagram account viewer aims to offer secure and safe access to private content with minimum risk. Due to this, you must select the best viewer based on its security features to safeguard your data. Additionally, you should make sure that it does not share or store your personal information.

Ease Of Use

Everyone has a busy life these days. Nobody wants to spend time learning to use a complex tool. So, it is vital to find a private Instagram viewer that is simple to use. Everything should be simple to find. All features should be easily understandable.

User Reviews

A private viewer that has many positive user reviews is best to consider. The reviews can provide an idea about the reliability and effectiveness of the tool. Choose a viewer having a 4-star user rating at least on a reliable platform like Trustpilot, Google, and more. More the user reviews a tool has, the better it will be.

Customer Support

Having excellent customer support is vital even if you have experience with a private Instagram viewer or are a technology expert. Choose a viewer which offers guides or tutorials to get you started. A FAQs section can also be a good sign. The app’s dedicated customer support crew can be helpful when you have any questions or concerns. So, look for a private Instagram viewer that offers 24/7/365 customer support.

Private Account Viewer

Gwaa Instagram Private Viewer

If you are looking for a private, third-party Instagram viewer app that can help access private accounts without a fee, Gwaa can be the right option for you. It is an efficient and reliable software that lets you monitor private. Accounts on Instagram without requiring authorization from an account holder. It offers an extensive variety of features, which makes it one of the best third-party Instagram viewers. This app provides features for private Instagram viewing with exceptional security abilities.

With this tool, you can easily access all kinds of information about the Instagram account, like their posts, comments, likes, who they follow, and their followers. It is a great tool to extract data from the target Instagram account and know about their activities on Instagram. Another great thing about Gwaa, a private Instagram viewer is that it is free. You do not need to pay hidden charges or subscription fees to use this tool. This makes Gwaa a famous choice for people having a tight budget as well as those who do not wish to spend their money on Instagram viewer apps.

Undeniably, Gwaa has become a very popular Instagram viewer in the industry as it has all you need. It comes with a 100 percent free warranty and a user-friendly interface. You will also get world-class encryption and firewalls to safeguard your data.

Glassagram Instagram Private Viewer


This is another app that lets you see private Instagram account content anonymously. Without any doubt, it is among the best private Instagram viewers out there. It does not need any installation. You also get a dashboard for full control. With this app, you can download and save videos and photos to your device. This app offers a complete suite of tools to monitor phone calls, social media activities, GPS locations, and more. You can stay well-informed about anyone’s online behavior and guarantee their well-being and safety.

Another vital benefit of using this app is that it lets you limit your kid’s access to objectionable content. The feature is especially vital in the digital age, where kids are more and more exposed online to harmful content. Using the app, you get to control what your children can view and stop them from watching inappropriate and harmful content. Glassagram comes with many features. It has an anonymous Instagram video and story tracker. It lets you see stories from an account with the knowledge of the owner. You can use this specific feature even though you do not have an Instagram account.

Glassagram is also praised highly for its thorough post information. It is helpful if you wish to get an overview of an account’s history. The app also lets you monitor multiple accounts at a time. Thus, you can see content from several accounts anonymously.


Can I see private Instagram accounts for free?

Absolutely, yes. You can use the online tools on the Internet to view Instagram profiles for free.

Do Private Instagram Viewers Work?

Yes, private Instagram viewers work. If you use the right tools, they can work properly. You can find many third-party tools online to view a private Instagram profile. Unluckily, not every tool works properly. Ensure to use any one of the advised tools.


Viewing a private Instagram account is possible anonymously with the right methods. Though these methods come with a few risks, it is usually best to choose the safest option. That is to ask for access directly. That being said, you must be aware of every potential risk and take the right precautions while trying these methods. This blog helped you with how to view a private Instagram account instantly and anonymously.

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