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Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar is an upcoming Indian historical drama web series created by the acclaimed filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali. The series is set to premiere on the popular streaming platform Netflix, marking Bhansali’s foray into the world of web series.

Setting and Historical Context

The series is set in the 19th century, transporting viewers to the vibrant and culturally rich Heeramandi district of Lahore. This district was once renowned as a thriving hub for courtesans and tawaifs (courtesans), who played a significant role in shaping the cultural landscape of the era. The series aims to explore the cultural reality of that time through the lens of these courtesans, delving into their lives, stories, and the socio-political struggles they faced.

Ensemble Cast

Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar boasts an ensemble cast of talented actors, with several renowned names taking on pivotal roles as courtesans. Manisha Koirala, Sonakshi Sinha, Aditi Rao Hydari, Richa Chadha, Sanjeeda Shaikh, and Sharmin Segal are set to portray the lives of these enigmatic and influential women. The series also features notable actors like Iravati Harshe, Rajat Kapoor, Mita Vashisht, and Vineet Kumar in supporting roles.

Creative Team and Vision

Sanjay Leela Bhansali, known for his visually stunning and critically acclaimed films like “Devdas,” “Guzaarish,” and “Padmaavat,” takes on the role of showrunner, producer, and one of the directors for the series. Collaborating with a team of talented directors, Bhansali aims to authentically capture the undocumented stories and forgotten histories of the courtesans of that era.

Production Scale

Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar is touted as one of the most expensive Indian web series produced to date. The production team has meticulously recreated the grandeur of 19th century Lahore through elaborate sets, ensuring an authentic and immersive viewing experience for audiences.

Anticipation and Release

Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar is one of the highly-anticipated Indian originals coming to Netflix. With its rich historical setting, stellar cast, and Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s artistic vision, the series promises to transport viewers to a captivating era and shed light on the lives of the often-overlooked courtesans who played a pivotal role in shaping the cultural fabric of their time.

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Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar 2024 Netflix Series Release Date, Cast and Other Details


Name Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar
Release DateMay 1, 2024
Also Known AsHeeramandi
Filming LocationsLahore, Pakistan
GenresDrama, History, Romance
TaglineSanjay Leela Bhansali brings his majestic signature flair to stories of love and betrayal in the lives of courtesans in pre-independence India
Cast & CharactersAnuj Sharma as Hamid,Manisha Koirala as Mallikajaan,Sonakshi Sinha as Fareedan,Aditi Rao Hydari as Bibbo,Sharmin Segal as Alam,Sanjeeda Sheikh as Waheeda,Taha Shah Badussha as Tajdar,Abhishek Deswal as Nawaz,Astha Mittal as Huma,Mark Bennington as Samuel Henderson,David Michael Harrison as Joseph Burston,Shekhar Suman as Nawab Zulfikar,Fardeen Khan as Wali Mohommad,Jason Shah as Alastair Cartwright,Shailendra Mishra,Richa Chadha as Lajjo,Farida Jalal as Qudsia Begum,Adhyayan Suman as Zorawar


Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar 2024 Netflix Series Storyline/Plot


It is 1857, and the city of Lahore is a vibrant cultural hub under Mughal rule. At the center of this world is the famed Heeramandi district – home to the most revered and sought-after courtesans and tawaifs of the time.Mallikajaan (Manisha Koirala), the reigning queen of Heeramandi, rules the district with an iron fist and unparalleled grace. Her devoted protege Fareedan (Sonakshi Sinha) is being groomed to succeed her. However, their relationship is tested when Fareedan falls deeply in love with the rebellious Hamid (Anuj Sharma), who fights against British colonial oppression.

As the winds of the Indian Rebellion of 1857 sweep across the region, the lives of the courtesans are thrown into turmoil. Bibbo (Aditi Rao Hydari), a gifted courtesan known for her poetry, finds herself torn between her love for the British officer Samuel Henderson (Mark Bennington) and her patriotic duty.

Alam (Sharmin Segal) and Waheeda (Sanjeeda Sheikh), two sisters and courtesans, become entangled in a dangerous web of deceit and betrayal with the powerful Nawab Zulfikar (Shekhar Suman) and his son Wali Mohommad (Fardeen Khan).

As the rebellion intensifies, Joseph Burston (David Michael Harrison), a ruthless British officer, sets his sights on Heeramandi, determined to crush the spirit of the courtesans and their patrons. Lajjo (Richa Chadha), a fiery and outspoken courtesan, emerges as a leader, rallying the women against the oppressive British forces.

Amidst this tumultuous backdrop, forbidden love blossoms between Tajdar (Taha Shah Badussha), a young courtesan, and Nawaz (Abhishek Deswal), a rebel fighter. Their secret affair not only defies societal norms but also puts them in grave danger as the conflict escalates.

With the future of Heeramandi hanging in the balance, the courtesans must navigate a treacherous path of love, loyalty, and survival. Ancient traditions clash with the changing tides of history, and the once-revered tawaifs find themselves at the center of a struggle that will shape the destiny of a nation.

Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar is a sweeping saga that brings to life the untold stories of these extraordinary women, their resilience, and their fight for identity and freedom in a world on the brink of change.

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