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Killer Soup is a dark crime drama that revolves around Swathi, an ambitious young woman living in Mumbai who dreams of opening her own restaurant one day. However, her dreams are derailed when she finds herself trapped in an unhappy arranged marriage to Manish, the owner of a struggling family soup stand.

Desperate to escape and fed up with Manish’s domineering ways, Swathi starts having an affair with Ashwin, a cunning and charismatic regular customer at the soup stand. Swathi and Ashwin eventually hatch a twisted plan to get rid Manish for good by adding poison to that day’s batch of soup. The plot seems to have worked perfectly until they realize Manish’s elderly father Laden had eaten the soup instead.

Panicked but undeterred, Swathi and Ashwin take their scheming to the next level and decide to pretend Ashwin is Manish with some disguises and forged paperwork. They reopen the soup stand and work hard to make it a success, all while keeping up the façade and living in fear of getting caught. However, as business starts thriving, ghosts from Manish’s past show up and threats of blackmail arise which could expose Swathi and Ashwin’s secrets.

Killer Soup mixes romance, dark humor and suspense while exploring how the desperate desire to achieve one’s dreams can drive people to commit unthinkable crimes. The series stars Manoj Bajpayee as Ashwin, Konkona Sen Sharma as Swathi, and Nassar as Manish’s menacing father, Laden. With unpredictable twists and turns, this thrilling Netflix show keeps viewers guessing until the very end over whether Swathi and Ashwin will get away with murder.

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Killer Soup Netflix Thriller Series Storyline/Plot

Swathi and Manish have an arranged marriage, but Swathi is unhappy as Manish is controlling and treats her like a servant. Her longtime dream has been to open her own restaurant.

Swathi starts having an affair with Ashwin, a regular customer at Manish’s struggling soup stand who she finds charming. Swathi vents about her husband to Ashwin and wishes she could be free from the marriage.

One day, Swathi discovers that Manish is planning to sell the soup stand to open a new jewelry shop, crushing her restaurant dreams forever. Enraged, Swathi and Ashwin plot to murder Manish by poisoning that day’s soup batch.

The next morning however, they discover it was actually Manish’s father, Laden, who ended up eating the poisonous soup and dying. Though panicked and guilty, Swathi and Ashwin decide to cover up the incident rather than confess.

They forge paperwork declaring Manish dead. Ashwin disguises himself as Manish and reopens the soup shop so no one suspects the real Manish is gone. Business starts thriving under Swathi’s management.

Just as it seems they have gotten away and Swathi may finally achieve her dream, past secrets around Manish’s old debts and Laden’s suspicious death start resurfacing.

Old rivals begin blackmailing them over the truth of Manish’s disappearance. Meanwhile, the police take a new interest in understanding how Laden died. Trapped in their web of lies, Swathi and Ashwin struggle to conceal their crimes and debate eliminating new threats.

The couple realize too late how short-sighted their impulsive crimes were. As the past haunts them, their options keep narrowing until it seems inevitable they will face consequences, whether legal punishment or violent retribution. Their ambitions and imagined future happiness now seem uncertain to ever achieve.

The story explores ambition and consequence – how impetuous decisions motivated by achieving one’s dreams can tangle them in an impossible web from which there is no good escape. It descent of an immoral couple fueled at first by a understandable frustration, but led down an increasingly dark path they never anticipate.

Killer Soup Netflix Thriller Series Release Date, Cast, Crew and Other Details


TitleKiller Soup
GenreThriller/Crime Drama
Release DateJanuary 11, 2024
Runtime2h 20m
MPAA RatingR
DirectorAbhishek Chaubey
WriterAnant Tripathi, Harshad Nalawade
Production CompanyExcel Entertainment
Key CastManoj Bajpayee as Ashwin Konkona Sen Sharma as Swathi Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Manish Supriya Pathak as Lata (Manish’s mother)
Budget$8 million
Streaming PlatformNetflix

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