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The film is set in 1930s India during the British Raj. The protagonist is Analeesan “Eesa,” a former British soldier who has taken on the pseudonym Captain Miller. The story follows Captain Miller on a personal mission to protect local Indian people from atrocities committed by the British after he witnesses a traumatic event at the hands of the British that changes his perspective.

Years earlier, Captain Miller had been serving alongside a British unit when they attacked a village and killed many civilians. Among the dead was Captain Miller’s own brother, Sengolan, as well as Velmathi’s husband. This devastating personal loss turned Captain Miller against the British colonial agenda. He shed his real name and identity, becoming a rogue operative fighting back against British human rights abuses in India while evading capture from his former British commanders.

In the present day 1930s storyline, Captain Miller works alone covertly thwarting various British military operations across India, sabotaging facilities, freeing imprisoned dissidents, and saving villages from brutality. He must frequently lock horns with or narrowly escape from his former British allies as he carries out his personal vendetta. All while coming to terms with the fact that he once enabled the same regime he now resists.

The film would likely showcase the action-packed exploits of Captain Miller behind enemy lines while also delving into the psychological toll of shedding one identity for another as he reckons with the mistakes of his past and his complicated supporting role in the colonial occupation. It would highlight interesting moral questions around allegiance, redemption, resistance in the context of Indian independence from the British.

Captain Miller Movie Release Date, Cast, Crew , IMDb rating and Other Details

TitleCaptain Miller
Release DateJanuary 12, 2024 (India)
IMDb Rating7.7 / 10
DirectorArun Matheswaran
WritersArunraja Kamaraj, Madhan Karky, Arun Matheswaran
StarsDhanush, Shivarajkumar, Nassar, Mark Bennington, Priyanka Arulmohan, John Kokken, Sundeep Kishan, Edward Sonnenblick, Andrew Wandy, Alexx O’Nell, Sajjadul Ahamed Riyad, Daniel Balaji, Nivedhithaa Sathish, David Michael Harrison, Thomas Tanisa Islam, Mahi, Naveen Singh, Vinoth Kishan, Sajol Chowdhury, Antony
Production CompaniesSathya Jyothi Films, Wunderbar Films, Goldmines Telefilms


Captain Miller Movie Storyline/Plot


1929 – India is still under oppressive rule of the British Raj. Young and idealistic Benjamin Miller enlists with the British Indian Army, hoping to make a difference for the country he calls home. He believes the propaganda that the British are helping India become a civilized, advanced nation.

1931 – Now a newly promoted Captain, Miller is dispatched with his British unit to a remote village in the north to investigate rumors of an uprising. What he and his men discover shocks them…the entire village has been massacred at the orders of the visiting British magistrate.

Among the piles of bodies, Captain Miller is devastated to find his own younger brother and his childhood best friend. Realizing the brutal truths about British imperialism, he turns his gun on his commanding officer. Wanted for treason, he flees into the jungle, shedding his name and identity.

1933 – Now using the alias “Eesa”, the rebel Captain Miller has spent two years utilizing his military expertise to unite oppressed villagers against corrupt British officials across India. His covert resistance campaign has cost the Raj valuable resources and men with disruptive guerilla attacks.

Miller knows that his former commanders are hot on his trail. But he continues inspiring ordinary citizens to rise up and demand independence. His ultimate goal is to organize the largest civilian uprising the British have ever seen in India. But he cannot do it alone…

Will the hero maintain his anonymity long enough to see his homeland freed? As a wanted man with his back against the wall, Captain Miller must succeed before he meets the same fate as the countless innocents lost under the Raj’s tyranny.

This film follows one soldier’s redemption journey from serving the Empire to becoming a symbol of its resistance.

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