Lal Salaam is a drama film directed by Aishwarya Dhanush, who also wrote the screenplay. It stars veteran actor Rajinikanth in the lead role, along with Vishnu Vishal and Vivek Prasanna in supporting roles.

The film tells the story of a reckless townsman (played by Rajinikanth) who tries to reform himself and leave his violent, thuggish past behind. However, he ends up being resurrected in some way and proves himself worthy of respect and admiration in the eyes of the very people who had earlier chased him out of town.

So in essence, it’s a redemption story about a troubled man seeking to make amends and change his life around. After initial rejection, he finally gains acceptance from society through an act of resurrection or rebirth. With Aishwarya Dhanush helming both the direction and writing, and Rajinikanth heading the star cast, Lal Salaam seems to have an interesting premise and storyline. The title, which means “Red Salute” in several Indian languages, may be a reference to Rajinikanth’s character’s socialist/communist leanings.


Lal Salaam Movie Dubbed in Hindi Release Date, Cast, Crew, IMDb rating and Other Details

TitleLal Salaam
Release DateFebruary 9, 2024 (India)
IMDb Rating5.0/10
Duration2 hours 30 minutes
GenreDrama, Sport
DirectorAishwarya Dhanush
WriterAishwarya Dhanush
Main Cast– Rajinikanth as Moideen Bhai – Nirosha – Vishnu Vishal as Thirunavukarasu – Vikranth – Jeevitha – Kapil Dev (Cameo appearance)
Supporting Cast– Sajjadul Ahamed Riyad – Tanisa Islam Mahi – Senthil Vivek – Prasanna Ananthika – Sanilkumar Dhanya Balakrishna – Thambi Ramaiah – Tiger Thangadurai – Akash Sahani (Junior Artist) – Jay Parashar Salim – Sivaprakash
Production CompanyLyca Productions
Release LanguageTamil, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam
BudgetNot specified
Box Office CollectionGross worldwide: $237,546


Lal Salaam Movie dubbed in Hindi Storyline/Plot

Rajinikanth plays Velu, a reckless and feared small-time goon living in a rural town in Tamil Nadu. He and his gang are involved in various criminal activities like extortion, gambling dens and violent territorial fights with rival gangs. Velu is hot-tempered, easily resorts to violence and has no qualms about lawlessness to assert his power.

Local townspeople dislike Velu and his hoodlums for threatening peace and order in the town but are too afraid to stand up to him. The police and authorities too are tired of Velu’s criminal exploits but he always manages to evade punishment through loopholes.

After a violent clash where Velu accidentally kills a rival gang member, police crackdown intensifies on his gang. To avoid arrest, Velu is forced to flee the town. His gang members also desert him over time. Alone and homeless now, Velu wanders from place to place doing odd jobs. But his violent past keeps chasing him everywhere.

Hitting rock bottom, Velu realizes his lawless life has destroyed all chances of a normal peaceful existence. He feels remorse over his crimes and harm caused to people. He desires to transform into a good human being and return to his hometown to seek forgiveness.

Velu starts doing noble deeds – saving a child from an accident, helping needy people on streets etc but does not reveal his identity. Back in his hometown, he continues similar deeds anonymously even as people still curse his memory. Only the local temple priest sees genuine good intention in Velu’s efforts to reform.

One day goons from Velu’s past arrive and threaten the town for money. As they are about to cause mayhem, Velu intervenes. A fight ensues where Velu gets stabbed trying to save people. Before dying he reveals his identity and apologies for his past. Stunned townspeople realize how much Velu has changed.

The priest resurrects Velu using holy incantations as forgiveness from the community brings him back to life. People welcome Velu back with open arms while the newly reformed Velu commits to protecting the town by giving up violence.

In essence a story of redemption, sins, atonement and second chances where the protagonist transforms from a negative character to a positive role model for society.

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