Ayalaan is a 2024 Indian science fiction film that combines adventure, action and alien encounters into an entertaining storyline. Directed and written by R. Ravikumar, the films follows an extraterrestrial who becomes stranded on Earth and must seek help to return to his distant home.

Sivakarthikeyan stars as the lost alien, who finds himself alone and confused in an unfamiliar world. As he struggles to adapt and survive on Earth while plotting how to get back home, he seeks assistance from some reluctant local humans. They slowly warm to his friendly personality while helping him build what he needs to escape the planet.

Just when it seems the alien will achieve his goal of returning home after heartwarmingly bonding with his human companions, everything takes a turn. Getting back to his planet proves far more treacherous than imagined, and his humanitarian pals race to save their new alien friend.

With top-notch visual effects bringing the alien being and technologies to life, Ayalaan promises a fun, family-friendly adventure that explores the classic fish-out-of-water storyline from a sci-fi perspective. Viewers are sure to find the extraterrestrial’s Earthly exploits humorous and heartfelt.


Ayalaan Movie Dubbed in Hindi Release Date, Cast, Crew, IMDb rating and Other Details

LanguageTamil (Indian)
GenreAction, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Duration2 hours 35 minutes
Release DateJanuary 12, 2024 (India)
IMDb Rating6.1/10
DirectorR. Ravikumar
WriterR. Ravikumar
Main Cast– Sivakarthikeyan (as Thamizh)
– Rakul Preet Singh (as Thara)
Supporting Cast– Karunakaran (as Bala)
– Bhanupriya (as Anjali)
– Sharad Kelkar (as Dev)
– Isha Koppikar (as Kothandam)
– Yogi Babu (as Bhanupriya)
– David Broughton-Davies (as Dexter Williams)
Production Companies– 24AM Studios
– KJR Studios
BudgetEstimated at $12,000,000
Box Office GrossWorldwide: $458,476
OthersAyalaan is a science fiction film that follows the story of a lost alien seeking help to return home, but faces challenges upon its return to its own planet. The movie features stunning visuals, impressive VFX, and music by A. R. Rahman. While it may not have big surprises, the overall execution is commendable, especially Rakul Preet Singh’s performance as the female lead


Ayalaan Movie dubbed in Hindi Storyline/Plot

When a curious extraterrestrial (Sivakarthikeyan) crash lands his spaceship on Earth while exploring the galaxy, he finds himself stranded in unfamiliar territory. Dubbed “Ayalaan” by the locals, he must adapt to this strange new world while trying to repair his ship so he can return to his home planet.

A daring scientist named Lakshmi (Rakul Preet) discovers Ayalaan and, after initial hesitation, decides to help him gather the parts needed to get back home. However, they must evade Rahul (K.S. Ravikumar), a greedy government agent intent on capturing Ayalaan for his own benefit.

What follows is a thrilling game of cat and mouse as Ayalaan and Lakshmi race to collect the required engine pieces and tools. In the process, Ayalaan displays his advanced alien technology while Lakshmi teaches him about humanity. They form an unlikely bond while working together towards a common goal.

However, Rahul eventually catches up to them, putting their mission in jeopardy. In the climatic face-off, Ayalaan must choose between returning to his home planet or protecting his new human friend from harm. The visual effects shine as advanced alien gadgets are unleashed.

Full of sci-fi adventure, comedy provided by Lakshmi’s goofy colleague Karunakaran (Karunakaran), and special effects, Ayalaan’s Dubbed version provides an entertaining storyline about friendship crossing intergalactic bounds. While aimed at families, some intense action sequences also promise thrills for hardcore sci-fi fans.

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