Eagle is an action thriller directed by Karthik Gattamneni and written by Gattamneni and Manibabu Karanam. The film stars Ravi Teja as Vikram, a ruthless government-sponsored assassin who is sent on covert missions to eliminate high-profile targets.

Anupama Parameswaran plays Meera, an investigative journalist who begins looking into the suspicious deaths of several political activists and whistleblowers. As Meera starts connecting the dots, she unravels the existence of a secret assassination program run by corrupt government officials.

Vikram is dispatched to take out Meera before she can expose the program and the government conspiracy behind it. But Meera joins forces with Vikram’s former handler Navdeep (played by actor Navdeep) to try and systematic expose the illegal operations covered up by the government.

What follows is a gripping game of cat and mouse between the trained assassin Vikram and Meera and Navdeep, who are desperately racing against time to reveal the government’s crimes to the public while also trying to survive Vikram’s lethal skills. They must navigate political betrayals and stay one step ahead as the body count rises, all leading to a climactic confrontation that unmasks the darkness at the heart of political power.

The film promises to be a slick, fast-paced thriller delving into government overreach and coverups through the personal stories of its complex protagonists. Ravi Teja’s action hero persona along with Anupama Parameswaran’s reporting skills drive the taut plot to uncover corruption at the highest levels.

EAGLE Ravi Teja SOUTH DUBBED screens

Eagle Movie Dubbed in Hindi Release Date, Cast, Crew, IMDb rating and Other Details

Movie TitleEagle
Release DateFebruary 9, 2024 (India)
Title (Hindi)Sahadev
DirectorKarthik Gattamneni
ProducersT. G. Vishwa Prasad, Vivek Kuchibhotla
Cast– Ravi Teja (in the titular role)
– Anupama Parameswaran
– Kavya Thapar
– Navdeep
IMDb Rating9.2/10
Duration2 hours 39 minutes
GenreAction, Thriller
Short DescriptionA journalist uncovers the story of a ruthless assassin when she investigates a government cover-up.


Eagle Movie dubbed in Hindi Storyline/Plot

Eagle follows Vikram (Ravi Teja), a ruthless assassin working for a secret government kill squad that eliminates high-profile targets. Vikram is renowned for his lethal skills and efficiency on covert missions against political dissidents and whistleblowers who threaten to expose governmental corruption.

However, Vikram’s latest target is investigative journalist Meera (Anupama Parameswaran) who has started unraveling the existence of the secret assassination program while looking into suspicious deaths of activists rallying against the ruling party’s policies.

In order to silence Meera before she exposes the unconstitutional activities covered up by powerful officials, Vikram is assigned to take her out. But Meera gets tipped off about the impending attempt on her life and goes into hiding with the help of Vikram’s former squad handler Navdeep (Navdeep).

What follows is a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse as Vikram starts hunting Meera relentlessly, killing anyone who seems to be helping her. Meera and Navdeep desperately try to gather concrete evidence linking the ruling party to the killings while staying on the run across the country to avoid Vikram’s clutches.

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