Malaikottai Vaaliban is an epic fantasy action film that follows the adventures of its titular protagonist, a legendary warrior from Tamil folklore. Portrayed by Mohanlal, Vaaliban is an unstoppable force who transcends time and geography, triumphing over every foe he encounters. Directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery, the film is a grand visual spectacle that blends fantasy elements with Tamil cultural mythology. It features elaborate sets, costumes, and groundbreaking visual effects that transport viewers to a fantastical realm.

At its core, the movie explores Vaaliban’s journey as an indomitable warrior who faces increasingly powerful adversaries and supernatural challenges. Mohanlal underwent a intense physical transformation to embody the physicality and aura of the iconic folk hero.

With its imaginative world-building, jaw-dropping action sequences, and Mohanlal’s commanding performance, Malaikottai Vaaliban aims to be an ambitious and larger-than-life cinematic experience that pays tribute to Tamil cultural legends.

“Mohanlal absolutely dominates the screen as the larger-than-life Malaikottai Vaaliban. His physicality and screen presence are mesmerizing.”

“The world-building is rich and imaginative, transporting you to a fantastical realm. However, the storytelling felt a bit uneven at times.”

“While not perfect, Malaikottai Vaaliban is an ambitious spectacle that deserves to be seen on the big screen for its sheer visual grandeur.”



– Mohanlal’s diet and workout regimen lasted over a year to achieve his ripped physique for the role.

– Over 5000 crew members worked on creating the sprawling sets and cgi environments.

– The climactic battle sequence took 6 months to film with complex wirework stunts.


Malaikottai Vaaliban South Movie Release Date, Cast, Crew, IMDb rating and Other Details

Movie NameMalaikottai Vaaliban
Release Date25-Jan-24
LanguageMalayalam (Dubbed in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada)
IMDb Rating6.4/10
GenreAction, Drama, Fantasy
Duration1 hour 45 minutes
Cast– Mohanlal (in a dual role) – Sonalee Kulkarni – Hareesh Peradi – Danish Sait – Manikandan R. Achari – Hariprashanth Varma – Katha Nandi – Andrea Ravera – Manoj Moses – Sanjana Chandran – Suchithra Nair – Rajeev Pillai
DirectorLijo Jose Pellissery
WriterP. S. Rafeeque
Budget₹65 crore
Box Office (Estimated)₹30 crore
DescriptionMalaikottai Vaaliban follows the journey of an undefeated aged drifting warrior who transcends time and geographies, triumphing over every opponent he encounters. The film was jointly produced by John & Mary Creative, Century Films, Maxlab Cinemas and Entertainments, Saregama, and Amen Movie Monastery. It features captivating cinematography, art direction, and powerful performances, especially by Mohanlal. However, some criticism was aimed at the direction, screenplay, and fight sequences



Malaikottai Vaaliban South Movie Storyline/Plot

The film begins by introducing us to the young Malaikottai Vaaliban, a brave and skilled warrior living in a small village in ancient Tamil Nadu. Under the tutelage of his master, Vaaliban hones his skills in various martial arts and combat techniques from a very young age.

One fateful day, tragedy strikes when Vaaliban’s family is brutally murdered by the henchmen of the tyrannical king Vikramadittya. Consumed by rage and a thirst for vengeance, Vaaliban embarks on an epic journey across different kingdoms to confront Vikramadittya.

As he travels, Vaaliban’s reputation as an undefeated warrior precedes him. He faces countless challenges, from battling ferocious mythical beasts to taking on armies of skilled assassins sent by Vikramadittya to kill him. But Vaaliban’s combat prowess, coupled with his unwavering determination, sees him emerging victorious time and again.

Along the way, Vaaliban encounters and befriends a motley crew of allies – a wise mystic, a skilled archer, and a brave princess among others. Together, they unravel a deeper conspiracy that threatens to plunge the entire region into darkness under Vikramadittya’s evil reign.

Vaaliban’s quest takes an even more fantastical turn as he delves into the realms of ancient Tamil mythology and magic. He wields powerful celestial weapons and confronts demonic forces controlled by Vikramadittya’s dark sorcerers.

Despite the escalating dangers, Vaaliban remains focused on his ultimate goal – to defeat Vikramadittya and avenge his family’s murder. This sets the stage for an epic climactic showdown between the indomitable warrior and the tyrannical king.

Throughout his odyssey, Vaaliban’s character undergoes a profound transformation. From a young man seeking personal vengeance, he evolves into a symbol of resistance against oppression and a beacon of hope for the downtrodden people suffering under Vikramadittya’s cruelty.

With breathtaking action sequences, awe-inspiring visual effects, and a narrative steeped in Tamil folklore and cultural symbolism, Malaikottai Vaaliban promises to be a cinematic spectacle that celebrates the legacy of one of the region’s most iconic mythological heroes.


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